Meet our team!

Birgit Defoort

Managing Director

Used to work as international marketing manager for Visit Scotland, Birgit likes to travel, enjoys a good walk and international food and wine. She founded Glenaki in 2003 and is the upper Angel.

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG – SP 

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 477 58 35 58

Kristien Basting

Senior Consultant

Loves walks at the beach, singing with her musical band and sunny terraces. She was the first to join the company and enjoys meeting different people and cultures in a variety of destinations.

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG – DE

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 473 21 47 80 

Beatrice Mondelaers

Senior Consultant

Loves food trips, funny Christmas jumpers and the sun on her face. She comes by bike to the office in Bruges and used to work for Thomas Cook.

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG  – SP

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 496 15 81 68  

Emilie Bruynbroeck


Emilie is an explorer by nature. She loves traveling and discovering other cultures. You will always find her with her phone or camera in her hands. She enjoys adventure, watching series, spending time with friends and family and eating ice cream. Her life motto: always stay curious!

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG – DE – IT

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 477 96 30 86

Lisa Van den Acker


The plant mom of the office, an optimist by heart, a born adventurer, a true sunset lover and someone who adores long walks in nature: that’s Lisa! She’s always planning her next trip, even though she hasn’t even left for the current one yet. 

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 475 63 60 28

Emma 5
Emma verhaeghe

Junior Consultant

Enjoys discovering new places and sharing them on her own travel blog Emma’s Roadmap. She has a serious chocolate addiction and drinks hot chocolates all year long. You’ll either find her writing or exploring all corners of our tiny country Belgium. 

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG – SP

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 484 70 45 67

Fien Germonpré

Junior Consultant

Fien is always exploring new places. She likes to do nature trails with her dog and loves to spend time with friends and family. Never @ home and always on the road!

Speaks: NL – FR – ENG – DE – SP

Tel./Whatsapp: +32 474 99 01 03

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