What we are good at

Advertising Vision & Event Mastery

We love to create ‘out of the box’ marketing plans. From formulating advertising campaigns and digital marketing strategies to orchestrating co-branding initiatives and tour operator collaborations – our creativity knows no bounds.
And what better way to have impactful encounters than to organise a live happening?  From sales calls and press events to roadshows with partners, consumer fair booths and travel agent training sessions, we expertly orchestrate these events to ignite inspiration and buzz.

Digital Media Strategy & Promotion

We believe a very effective way to reach media, partners and potential customers is by directly engaging with them across social and digital platforms. These proactive interactions compliment story pitching, target campaigns and increase audience reach. We have an inhouse digital specialist who knows all about social media marketing, Travel Click Network, Targeted display campaigns, SEA campaigns and so much more. We also have our very own Artificial Intelligence expert to make sure we embrace the power of AI to make tomorrow’s travel even better.

Elevating PR, TV productions & influencers

From tailor-made pitches, nurturing press relationships, organizing captivating press trips with both journalists and influencers, crafting impactful press releases, setting up TV collaborations and effectively handling media inquiries. Our expertise ensures your message is spread, your story resonates with your target audience and leaves a lasting impression in the tourism landscape.

Strong Trade Relationships & Market Intelligence

Cultivating awareness within Tour Operators, MICE agencies, and travel agents is paramount. Armed with extensive contacts and the most comprehensive BeLux travel trade database, we stand as your go-to resource. Through strategic collaboration, we arrange shared sales calls, tour operator cooperations, tailored mailings, insightful educational tours, engaging e-learnings, enriching trainings, and dynamic workshops – all geared towards amplifying destination visibility and boosting bookings. Our focus extends to MICE agencies, associations, corporations, tour operators, travel agents, and group organizers.

Greenaki, a sustainable journey

Greenaki, it’s the sustainable voyage Glenaki is making in order to protect and enhance our future while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support system. Being sustainable is the only way forward.

Want to know more about the Glenaki superpowers? How we created magic in the past? Head to our “cases” page to find out more.


media and influencers contacts


contacts of tour operators and travel agents


MICE and associations contacts


Corporate contacts

Our expert partners

There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’ and teamwork makes the dream work. We value our partnerships and see these skilled experts as an extension of our team. 


Navigating language boundaries, Litera lends expertise in translations, with a keen focus on French and English content.


Our team of dedicated copywriters specializes in shaping impactful travel news for our press releases and trade newsletters.

Market Insights & Media Tracking

Through strategic alliances with Auxipress and Chris Berkein, we diligently track Benelux media landscapes, and provide valuable market intelligence to fuel our endeavours.


Mastering the art of graphic design and web development, Grafiekgroep seamlessly crafts any visual identity.


Empowering our technological backbone, Jazzle oversees our corporate IT network, ensuring seamless operations. Implementing the newest artificial intelligence and cloud technologies to deliver state of the art results.

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