Social & Digital Media Strategy and Promotion

We believe a very effective way to reach media, partners and potential customers is by directly engaging with them across social and digital platforms. These proactive interactions compliment story pitching, target campaigns and increase audience reach. We have a digital inhouse specialist.

1. Social Media Marketing
We maintain several social media platforms for our clients in our market. And we meticulous design custom social media marketing strategies to elevate your brand or destination and stimulate traffic and help developing these channels. We craft a comprehensive social marketing plan that captures new customers and travellers, aligning with your audience. Whether it’s Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook, X (ex-Twitter) YouTube, LinkedIn, TripAdvisor, or more, we curate dedicated pages, amplify fan engagement, create a content planning and steer your ad campaigns, contests, and promotions. Our experts align objectives with you within your stipulated budget.

2. Travel Click Network
Introducing Travel Click Network (TCN), an assembly of travel-oriented websites aimed at connecting you with audiences passionate about vacations and leisure. Our network ensures quality clicks by targeting individuals already intrigued by holiday prospects, making it an ideal platform for branding and sales-driven campaigns. Plus, you only pay for clicks on your ads.

3. Targeted Display Campaigns
Elevate visibility among potential travellers through strategic placements on a curated selection of websites, perfectly tailored to your message and target group. Our expansive range of targeting options lets us set up highly specific campaigns, where your ads appear in precisely chosen positions, resonating with a relevant audience.
Google Display Ads offer a robust online tool for increased exposure and website visits, driving awareness and expansion into new audience segments.

Targeting options
Context-targeting: Targeting on keywords or topics
Placement-targeting: Choose the website you want to display on
Intent-Targeting: Show banner ads to people who have searched on Google for a keyword
Remarketing: Show banner ads to people who have visited your website

4. SEA Campaigns
For those already interested in your brand or destination, we leverage SEA campaigns, including Google AdWords, to become their go-to choice. Our specialized experience in the travel sector ensures the best CPM and CPC rates, engaging potential travellers further down the purchase path.

5. Email Marketing
With this channel, potential travellers opt to receive information. It holds remarkable ROI and nurtures lasting profitable relationships. Glenaki offers targeted databases for travel trade, MICE, corporates, press, TV, influencers, and more. Next to it we have a network of travel-related websites that extends to consumers already intrigued by your brand. Tailored, segmented, and focused email marketing campaigns uplift brand awareness, inspire, and drive conversions. With A-B testing and detailed reporting, our cutting-edge email marketing software optimizes results.

6. Digital Media Planning
Effective media planning requires an objective perspective for your campaign. We make recommendations that align with your objectives, utilizing a transparent acquisition process to secure the best rates. By continually monitoring, evaluating, testing, and refining strategies, we channel media investments where they yield the most impact. Quality relationships with media owners drive our approach, valuing impact over excessive budgets.

7. Embracing the Power of Artificial intelligence for Tomorrow’s Travel
We think the impact of artificial intelligence on reshaping how we engage and motivate future travellers , will be monumental, so we’ve established an in-house task force. This team is dedicated to meticulously tracking the latest advancements and integrating cutting-edge AI tools, ensuring we stay at the forefront of innovation and use it to best abilities of our clients.

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