Sustainable tourism

The World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as: “development which meets the needs of presents tourists and host regions while protecting and enhancing opportunity for the future. It is envisaged as leading to manager of all resources in such a way that economic, social and aesthetic needs can be fulfilled while maintaining cultural integrity, essential ecological processes, biological diversity and life support system.”

The Glenaki commitment

  • commute by bike and public transport 
  • use of videoconferencing
  • working from home
  • green energy
  • paperless office and digital clipping service 
  • reduce, reuse, recycle 
  • usage of seasonal and local products
  • training and education of staff
  • 100% compensation of our personal and business travels


Green G

The Glenaki guidance

  • advice
  • low impact press trips 
  • cooperations with family owned businesses 
  • colaborations with local green initiatives 
  • compensation of flights, cruises and car rides

We compensate our CO2 emissions through a financial contribution to a project, the CO2 reduction in this project will be equal to the volume of CO2 emitted by our trips.

We are working together with our clients to make all trips more sustainable. When possible the first option of travel will be by train, then by car and if not feasible, we go by plane. In consultation flights, cruises and car rides will be compensated trough Greentripper or an own initiative.

CO₂ compensated

5,936 in 2020

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