PR visibility

PR activities deliver remarkable outcomes. With every PR activity we try to be as original and impactful as possible. Therefore, we meticulously assess the results to determine the return on investment.

Ethiopian Airlines –  Miss Belgium

Miss Belgium 2021 has Ethiopian roots (she was adopted when she was 10 years old). Ethiopian Airlines is a Glenaki client.  We contacted Kedist (Miss Belgium) via Instagram and checked if she’d like to go back to her roots and meet her family.  Easier said then done, but we did manage to find her father and we set up an emotional trip to Addis Abeba. The trip was accompanied by all major newspapers and was broadcasted on TV. Following this PR initiative we got 102 clippings, a reach of 32 million readers and a EMV of €885.000

In 2017 we started working as a PR agency for the city of Leiden in The Netherlands to attract more Belgian visitors.

What we did?

  • Press trips
  • Bloggers invasions
  • Press releases
  • Story pitches
  • Trade collaborations







€ 42.169




€ 314.254




€ 1.067.331


South Tirol: 360 degrees press trip

Every year there is the Dolomiti Balloon festival in South Tirol. The tourist board asked us, a week before the event, if we could find a suitable influencer that would like to experience this and make a video.

Glenaki has been in the business for over 18 years and we have built up a good relationship with many influencers and journalists. We managed to set up a spectacular trip with great results on social media and a video that can be used in all communication by South Tyrol. Check out their website as well for further information.

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