PR events

Swarovski Optik press conference for launch new product 10th July 2020

When Swarovski Optik contacted us in 2019, we were not convinced that Glenaki was the agency they needed. We are specialised in tourism not in binoculars. But once we looked at our destinations, our media contacts and the aim of SO, we believe a good match was made. We have incorporated SO binoculars in our press trips, organized a factory visit with influencers and media, sent out regular press releases and set up a press conference for the launch of the Digital Guide.

Steps for press conferences

  • Search and negotiate location with good access plus a product match
  • Creation of media/influencer list that might be interested in the conference
  • Creation of invitation
  • Mailing of invitation, chasing, reminders … to ensure good pick up
  • Presence during the day of event, coordination of event, follow up
  • Report and results

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