Marketing for Malta Tourism Authority

To extend the season we launched a quirky campaign
The Malta Tourism Authority wanted to do a quirky out of the box campaign to create awareness. In 2019 we created a big graffiti wall in the city centre of Ghent. It was a sunny drawing in the cold winter days and we sent our Season’s greetings. To reinforce the campaign we organized a “secret” party of the Maltese knights in Ghent to reveal the wall to the media, bloggers and stakeholders. In the other big cities of Belgium we had a 2m² poster campaign.

In 2020 we did a follow up for the successful graffiti campaign in 2019. We wanted to promote Malta during the Holiday Fair in Brussels in February. A period when it rains a lot in Belgium, so we launched a green graffiti campaign. As Malta wants to profile itself as a sustainable destination.

It’s called rain graffiti and only gets visible when it rains. It’s 100% CO2 neutral and will be done in several cities in Belgium. The print disappears when the ground dries up. A rain advertising campaign remains visible for an average of 2 months in case of rainfall. As it rains a lot in Belgium, you will see it a lot.

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