Elevating PR, TV Exposure & Influencers

Elevating Public relations
Tailoring story pitches to precision, generating engaging press materials, cultivating influencer relationships, offering robust social media reinforcement, orchestrating captivating press trips and events, maintaining consisting media engagements, crafting and distributing impactful press releases, skilfully addressing media inquiries on the client’s behalf, and making a notable presence felt at key tourism industry gatherings.

TV exposure and influencers stardom
Emilie maintains a close rapport with Belgium and Luxembourg’s TV production houses, keeping her finger on the pulse of industry trends and promising new programs aligned with our clients’ interests. Evaluating returns and audience alignment, we forge strategic alliances with TV productions. Renowned Belgian and Luxembourg influencers wield loyal and high-quality followers within our market, enhancing our marketing blend. Armed with an extensive influencer database and strong connections with key figures, we amplify travel promotion efforts.


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