Unboxing is a different way to draw attention to your destination or product. The concept is simple: sending a box to influencers to inspire, gain feedback and create organic content. When approached creatively and personally you can build something really fun: move your destination to people’s living room, sending out a thank you, inspire to try something new.

For each campaign we selected influencers that have a matching target audience with the destination and the themed box.

Our recent boxes: 

  • Italian cooking box: full of ingredients to prepare an authentic Italian meal at home. We motivated influencers and their followers to try something new and to be inspired by the Italian cuisine. 
  • Leyden Thank you box: with interesting gadgets from the city of Leyden, we sent a thank you to the media that have traveled to Leyden and brought us good content. 
  • Malta holiday in a box:  we recreated a Malta sunset setting at home by including a QR code with movies made in Malta, popular Maltese music,  local wine and snacks and a cozy string of lights in sunset colours. 
  • Slovenia culinary tour: another way to discover the culinary hotspots in Slovenia with products from all the different regions.
  • Vaucluse personalized Santons: this French region has the tradition of small hand-painted clay figurines. We celebrated this tradition by surprising a selection of influencers with a personalized Santon.
  • Alentejo harvest box: while it was cold in Belgium, we brought the Portuguese sun into the homes of our influencers by sending them a traditional handcrafted plate, olive oil, cheese and delicious wine. 

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